Compiled Kindle version begins halfway down TOC

When I download the finished, compiled book to my kindle it opens at a page that is halfway through my table of contents i.e. chapter 27. Is there a way, in compile, to make sure that it starts on the first chapter of the novel?


Anybody? :cry:

That marker point hasn’t been put into the Windows version yet. It should be done automatically in the future.

However what you’re describing sounds more like the Kindle’s persistence feature. If you close a book at loc. 2355 then when you re-open it later on that is where the reader will open the book to. If the book has changed underneath that meta-data, then it might not actually be the same spot.

Incidentally, do you realise you’re posting in the Mac tech support section? I note your platform tag says Windows, which is why I’ve framed my answer the way I did.

Sorry, Amber. I changed my computer and I now have the Mac version.

Oh, okay well then in that case it probably is the persistence problem I mentioned, because the Mac already sets the first-open marker at the content start, not at any of the front-matter it inserts (cover graphic, HTML ToC, etc). I would try deleting the old .mobi file and any sidecar files with identical names but different extensions, from the Kindle, and then loading it fresh.