Compiled line spacing question

So, I have two files that are, for all practical purposes, meant to be compiled identically. One of them compiles to double spaced lines. The other compiles to single spaced lines. I can’t for the life of me figure out why that’s happening: what did I do to make the second file compile single-spaced (which I don’t want)? I have the override checked in Formatting, and the contents of the file are not formatting-preserved. In the Formatting options, the line spacing is set to 2.0 for each level.

Is either document formatted as single-spaced in Scrivener’s editor? It shouldn’t matter, since override is checked, but still worth checking.

To make sure that the Compile options really are the same, you could try saving the one that works properly as a Compile preset. Use the “Manage Compile Presets” option from the Format As menu at the top of the Compile screen.


I’d also check Compile As-Is in the inspector for both items. If one of those has it checked, then it will ignore any formatting override.

Also double-check that both documents are the same type–that is, if one of them has sub-documents in the binder and the other does not, different formatting rules will apply and you may not have set them the same.