Compiled .odt file list handling error


I am compiling my document as an .odt file. It contains lists which are mainly solid circle bullets. I also added a numbered list as a test.

  1. When I open the file in LibreOffice, only the lines which are not list members (so just text) OR lines which the list members are indented (in which case they show up as expended with a bullet symbol) appear, and the other lines are omitted completely.
  2. When I open the file in MS Word, all lines of text show up but none of the list symbols (bullets or other) appear.

I have been trying to fix this all day to no avail. Am I doing something wrong? I try compiling using original and custom settings, and the margins for all 3 programs (scrivener, word, Libre) have the same margin settings (2.54 cm).

I have the same problem working with Scrivener for Windows. Under OSX everything works as expected.

When compiling, the ODT-filter removes all kinds of lists, numbered and unnumbered. Compiling to .docx, .pdf and print works well, with (more or less) the right layout,

Being a heavy LibreOffice user, I would like to see a solution for this bug. The workaround is clear - compile to a non-odt format, which wil be readable for LO, but it means an extra step in the workflow, with the risk of several layout problems.