Compiled pages centered top to bottom

I haven’t been able to find anything on this in the forums – apologies now if I’ve simply missed it.

I have a standalone page in my manuscript that, when compiled, is being centered, top to bottom, it seems, rather than simply starting at the top of the page. I can’t find a way to get 2.0 to just start the page at the top other than to use “compile as is” – am I simply missing it?


Have you got page padding turned on in the Formatting section of the Compile sheet? There’s nothing in the compile code that can centre a page vertically, so it must be blank spaces being inserted at the top of the document somewhere.

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I checked; there was 14 lines as padding there (not sure if that was the default); I turned it off and still the same. Also, none of the other pages does this – just that one. The title page doesn’t do it either … weird!

Another weird thing – I created a new text document to see if that would fix it. Same thing - the text starts near the top of the page if “Compile As Is” is selected; if not, it drops the text (courier) down about a third of the way from the top.

Have you checked the padding for all the levels?

That did it! The top level text (not folder) had 14 lines of padding … I am pretty sure I didn’t change that myself, but it fixed it. thanks!!!