Compiled pdf - # Hash signs in blank lines

I have moved from Windows to iMac.
Compiling to pdf on the Mac, I’m getting a single # mark in the centre of every line that is a blank line.
They are not in the original document and only appear when complied.
Any thoughts?

It sounds like the separator character is set to a hash. If you’re using a stock format to compile, you’ll have to copy and edit the format to change the separator. Once you copy the format, open it and go to Separators and check what separator character is set for each of the section types. I’m predicting that whatever section type you’ve assigned to your text will have a hash as the separator, and may even be set to insert a separator after blank lines and not just at section breaks.

Good luck!

Hi. Thanks for that.
Default compile does not have the hash tags, but Manuscript Times and Courier compile does.
Where do I copy the format from and into where?

Found it and fixed it!
Not exactly easy to find but done!