Compiled PDF Table of Contents Broken

Hello, trying out Scrivener.

Watched the tutorial, imported some docs, copy/pasted TOC onto a page, confirmed TOC links work fine in Scrivener.

Compiled to PDF and all the TOC entries show the current page, not the page in the document that you’ll find the section. So my TOC is spread over 2 pages, and on TOC page 1 all the sections say they’re on page 1, and on the 2nd TOC page all the sections say page 2).

Links no worky.

If you watch the tutorial below, you can see others commented having the same problem (going back two years actually):


Maybe it’s just me but I prefer purchasing from companies that at least reply, if not take responsibility and help.
No working PDF TOC = no use to me.
So be it I’ll uninstall and move on.

This is primarily a user-to-user forum. As I’m a Mac user, I’m afraid I can’t offer useful help. Often this sort of "radio silence " means that no other forum user has encountered this, and so has no help to offer.

If you’d like official support from L&L, I suggest you open a support ticket at . If you need a reply before January, you’ll need to put “[URGENT]” at the front of your subject, as L&L close over the Christmas holidays.

Hope this helps!

Hey thank you, I see now the contact us info is way way down the bottom of the support page, I missed it.
Thanks for taking the time to point me in the better direction, I appreciate it.