Compiled Scrivener file crashing Word 2004

I’m having problems opening files that I have compiled in Scrivener. Both .rtf and .doc versions were compiled and they both cause Word 2004 (on two different Macs running two different OS’s [10.6 and 10.4] to become unresponsive when I try to open them. In one case I get a warning that there isn’t enough memory and in the other there is no warning.
What might I have done wrong?
I have opened this type of file in Word before. And the file is only 95 pages, not huge by any means.

Do these files open fine in another word processor, like LibreOffice or even just TextEdit? Another thing to check is to make sure Word is working fine in general. Can it open other documents from different sources? If not, then it sounds like some Word troubleshooting is in order.

Good ideas! I’ll give them a try.
I think I might have boiled it down to a photo… I’m going to delete the photo and try again.
Thanks for your brainstorm :slight_smile:

Photos are often culprits in word processor crashes (including Scrivener at times), so yes that’s a good idea to check for those if you’re using them.