Compiled to Word but Word won't recognise my chapter names as headings.

Hi, I’ve successfully compiled to Word with a three act novel, around 30 chapters. Unfortunately I don’t know how to get Word to recognise the chapter headings as a style - so that the list can be used in Word’s navigation pane. It’s a real pain not to be able to navigate through. I’m using Windows.

Can anyone advise? Thanks!

In Scrivener, when the the cursor is sitting in the chapter names, does the Styles panel show the name of the style as Heading 1, 2, 3, etc? Or does the Styles panel (and the styles field above the editor) show “No Style” or something else?

I find that if I have text in Scrivener that is tagged as having a Heading # style, then when I compile to the Word docx format, Word recognizes the Headings in the compiled document, and I am able to use them to navigate in Word’s document map navigation pane, which is what it sounds like you are also trying to do.

That was one of the first things I checked in Scrivener 3, as that compatibility was missing in Scrivener 1, and was one of the ways that Scrivener 3 for Windows was supposed to be more on par with the Apple version. Style compatibility with Word is still not there using some import/export procedures, but for Compile, it seems to be.

Can you be more precise about what you are doing that is not working?

Thanks for your reply, Madgirl. Much appreciated. I’m compiling my novel manuscript to Word. I set the compile settings so that my Scrivener document names automatically become my chapter names in Word. The downside, I realise, it that there’s no way to format those chapter names pre-compile.

I think you’re idea is for me to type my chapter headings into each Scrivener document and use the Headings style provided by Scrivener. Is that right? I’ll try it and see how I get on.


You need to Duplicate and Edit the compile format, choose “Styles”—Note, I’m a Mac user and can’t access the equivalent in Windows, so you might need to explore—and then make sure you have the heading styles that you need. If you click the + sign, you’ll see a list of the stles you already have in your manuscript, so choose the ones you need, or you can create a new style if necessary.

Now go to the “Sectiion Layouts” pane, and select in turn each of the layout’s you’re using. In the pane at the bottom, select the title line, then click on the styles dropdown marked ¶a and choose the heading style you need in each case.

There is also a “Title Options” tab, where you can set things like “Title Prefix”, automatic numbering with <$n>, or preceding the title with "Chapter <$n>: " (without the quote marks!), and “Title Suffix”, though I’ve no idea what I would use that for.

Test it and save it either under “My Formats” which means it is available for all your projects, or “Project Formats”, in which case it will be saved with this project but not accessible to your other projects.

Hope that helps.



Thank you Xiamenese! I appreciate you taking the time to explain it. :slight_smile: