Compiler Adding "Chapter 1" etc EVERYWHERE

I know I’m another Compile noob, but this one is getting to me.

Compile as a pdf and everything is peachy. Compile in any other format and it adds in “Chapter X” in between every. single. line break. I’m getting Chapters auto-inserted two-to-four times a page!

I’ve looked over the options and I can’t see anything I’ve done to deserve this. I’ve been using folders for chapters and cards for sections, all properly labeled (so far as I know).


That does sound very odd. Are you using one of the built-in presets? Or have you customised the settings? I would try a couple of the presets to see if that gets rid of the problem.

You could also look at the Separators section of the expanded Compile interface but I can’t think of a reason for the chapter placeholder to be in there.

If the problem persists then contact

I tried a few presets and got the same problem. I looked under the Separator s section as well - just page breaks and line breaks, nothing to indicate that it should add “Chapter #” between them.

What output formats have you tried? Does this happen with Word or RTF outputs? Plain Text?

Also, to cover all the bases; you’re not using the Beta, are you?

Definitely not on Beta.

I’ve made some progress. Compiling as an eBook gives me the unwanted “Chapter #” between folders, and compiling as an eBook with Parts gives me the unwanted “Chapter #” between every page break.

Compiling as a Paperback Novel follows the same pattern, except Paperback Novel with Parts gives me Part 1, Part 2, between folders, and instead of Chapter # between page breaks, it just puts the numbers instead.

So it seems like something in the compiler desperately wants to add information I don’t want it to, and the content of those unwanted additions varies with the preset format.

I get the feeling that this is going to take me weeks to figure out. Can’t the compiler just NOT put stuff in? The pdf compile is perfect, but I’m trying to format for the Kindle store.

Contact support and send them a ZIP copy of the project with all the details and they’ll take a look for you.