Compiler and Novel with Parts

Hello all,

I am attempting to compile some work that I have been doing in Scrivener, trying to make sure the formatting is accurate.

What I notice is that when I compile for a manuscript with parts, I get something like this:

Part Two: Part One: Title
Chapter Two
Chapter One

Here is an example which reads as above, but should read as:
Part Two: Title
Chapter one

I have included what the Binder looks like for this specific section:
Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.45.00 PM.png

For those that have compiled Novels with Parts, am I missing something? Did I overlook and do to much when organizing into parts?

More screenshots of Binder, pre and post compile would help me understand your problem better.

Look, I’m probably the last person to be giving suggestions as I seem to have made every possible wrong decision in compiling. So treat the following suggestions with caution.

I wonder if you are ticking too many boxes under Titles in Formatting? Also, I notice you have Part 1 written for the folder in the Binder. Note that Scrivener normally adds its own Part 1 etc.

In my case, I only have my title names written for the parts. With Title clicked for Level 1 in Formatting, this gives me Part 1 - Title (as I’ve written it).

I will look at this solution tonight. Perhaps you’re right and I have too many things ticked off when compiling.

My work is not yet ready for compiling but I want to get this format figured out before I’m too far in.

If it does not work out I will post more screen shots of the process.


Kawasaki that was it!

The formatting in the compile menu as all wonky so after playing around with it (and subsequently removing the “Part One: Title” from the parts) I have it formatted in a manner that is way more inline with what I was looking for.

Thanks for the lead!