Compiler and russian localization

Compiler and localization
Localization for the Russian language consists of half of the words in English. I don’t speak English very well and this (probably) leads to the following problem.

The compiler.
Guys, I know that you worked hard on the update, it’s beautiful and all that, but the compiler is incomprehensible and so bad that I downloaded the old version of the program, just not to work with it.
If everything is still clear with paragraphs, alignment, fonts, and so on, then here are the footers - how to remove them? Yes, the footer text disappears, but not the footer itself, which gives extra margins on the page.
Then. I prefer to format the text in a certain way. In the old version, I was able to do this easily. A page break before the title, then the title itself, followed by an empty line, then the text, the individual parts of which are separated by asterisks. I know this is my problem, but it used to be easy and clear how to do it.
Now-I put a page break before the title, an empty line after - nothing comes out. Under any settings, there may be a gap before or after the title, it seems, regardless of where I put it in the settings. From somewhere there are empty lines before the title, which I do not put. And even this, for some reason, may apply to one chapter, but not to another.
For example. In chapter 4, there is a page break before the title, there is also an empty line in front of it from somewhere, then the main text immediately goes. And already in chapter 40 (for example), there is no page break before the title (but the damn empty line is right there). The format of the headers is the same.
As a result, the finished text looks (to put it mildly) not the way I need it. Is it possible to somehow solve this problem or, if it is related to a lack of understanding of the settings in English, to make a full localization (although before everything came out in English without problems. I conclude that the problem is still in the too sophisticated compiler).