Compiler Blues

Tried to compile this morning and I’m not having much luck. It refuses to compile .doc files at all anymore and the other formats are only compiling cover pages with “Part One chapter one, Part Two chapter Two,” and so on it with no text content. This is my first time trying to compile after DLing the new version. Any help would be awesome.

For what it’s worth I just downgraded to the older version and it works great.

Just a note, RTF is usually fine for just about any purpose (if someone specifically says you need to send them a .doc, just change the .rtf to extension to .doc. Seriously. :slight_smile:). Since that’s the native Scrivener format you should rarely run into issues with it.

But, specifically to your problem, you might wish to join this this thread.

The .doc converter straight up wouldn’t work and the rest of the formats, even the .rtf, didn’t compile properly. In every case the file it created would only have a page for each chapter but no content. Maybe it’s something I was doing wrong, but I’ve been using Scrivener for a year and a half and this is the first time I’ve run into a problem like this.