Compiler changes aren't sticky

I’m editing a book now and as a result need to compile it and re-compile it. I’ve tried to create a special compile format template, given it a name, etc. But it seems that some of the formatting drops out when I close Scrivener.

Is there a bulletproof way to create a compile format template that won’t change unless I want it to?


John Pearce
Sarasota, FL

When you create a new compile format preset, it “freezes” the current settings into that preset. Any changes you make subsequently won’t be part of that preset - if you make changes and want them to be incorporated into the preset, then you need to select the preset in the “Manage Compile Format Presets” and click on “Update”. Whenever you load a preset and make changes, the current settings are saved inside the project as “Custom”. Also, remember that anything specific to the project isn’t saved in the preset (front matter, “As-Is” and “Page Break Before” settings and suchlike).

Perhaps you could provide more details about exactly what is happening in your case, though?

All the best,


Let me work a bit more on what you’ve told me and read the manual more closely, then I’ll respond.

Thanks for the quick followup. I have a group of advance draft readers who are all expecting to receive the manuscript in a few days, and I need to create it in three or four different formats. Also, my first time.