Compiler compiles to fully justified text--help!

Hello everyone. First post here.

I have been using the Windows trial version for a few weeks now and am really loving the software. I seem to have a big problem though. If I compile for manuscript and output to DOC or PDF format the text is coming out as justified. I have went back through the compiler settings and have confirmed that the format is all set to “left align/left justified” but it’s not working.

However, if I compile for preview, the preview screen is formatted properly with left alignment. Can someone please help and let me know how to correct this?

Many thanks!

I believe we sorted this already in email, but in case anyone comes across this post when searching for the issue, I’ll copy my reply here as well:

We’re aware of a bug with the text justification that seems to be triggered by Word’s handling of RTF (Scrivener’s base format), observable when opening a compiled RTF file in Word or when using the Microsoft Office converters for creating DOC, DOCX and PDF files. In Word you can usually get around this by re-saving the file as a DOCX file; if you’re going straight to PDF, try changing the export converter to “Scrivener” instead of “Microsoft Office”. Open Tools > Options in Scrivener and choose Import/Export, then click" Export Converters…". Select “PDF” from the dropdown menu on the left and “Scrivener” from the menu on the right, then click OK a few times to close out of Options and try the compile again. The converters for DOC and DOCX can also be changed this way if you wish, to avoid the justification problem with the Microsoft Office converters.

You may also be able to sidestep the issue by using a variable-width font. It’s not a perfect solution–if you change the font in Word after compiling, you’ll see it’s not quite right–but if you’re compiling direct to PDF it’s probably sufficient and may be the easier option, especially if you need the Word converters for creating a working table of contents or such.