Compiler Complexity -- Very Strange Issues

Robert Guthrie has been extraordinarily helpful as I’m trying to sort out the use of the Compiler in this thread: [url]]

But now we’ve run into oddness with the ToC and the way Scrivener is sending things to the Word document for my custom page.

For some reason, it is failing to set the tab stop where it needs to be for the custom page so the ToC page numbers fall where they should.

AND it is setting the right margin at -2.4" which puts the Title way the heck to the right.

I have also run into this with another project which started out properly formatted, and then at a section break shifted to -2.4" for the text, running it off the page.

Assistance would be appreciated.

Addendum: the second Project switched to the weird formatting for one section around Page 20, went back to correct formatting for another 120 pages, then had weird formatting for one section, went back to normal formatting for about 110 pages, then weird for part of a section, the correct formatting for the rest of the file. So far as I know, all parts of the file I imported to Scrivener, then broke up into the project, had the same formatting.