Compiler dropping text and column formatting in script template

Using scriptwriting template. Everything looks fine in the column format on screen. When compiling, Scrivener drops text and some of the column borders. This just started happening randomly, after completing one script with no issues. Second script full of issues. How to fix?

I’ve no idea about this, not having written any scripts, but one thing you could try is to open your problem script back on your laptop or desk computer where you have full Scrivener installed.

See what you have, if it cleans up in compiling there, etc., and then others who have experience will have more information to help if that’s needed, likely.

We’ve noticed a few things, none of the serious yet, breaking down on latest iPad operating system releases, which probably update automatically on your iPad, so that could be an explanation.

I’ll hope the run through the full Scrivener program will either format correctly, or show you where something unexpected might have crept into your text which is throwing things off, if that’s the problem actually.

Best fortune, of course :slight_smile: