Compiler for Scrivener PC still very buggy compared to the Mac version

Hi there,

I’m preparing the publication of my third book. I’ve done some tests with the latest final version of Scrivener PC ( and the compiler is still not usable, especially for PDF.

The TOC doesn’t compile properly, even when it looks right before compilation (many sections missing). Also the footers don’t compile properly. I use a different one on odd and even pages and you can only get one, but not both.

Also the compiled version uses a lot more vertical space, and it doesn’t seem to be due to styles (I don’t use any) or layouts (the vertical spacing is set to 1.0). For some reason Scrivener for PC extends the text vertically, and I can’t find a reason why.

The same file compiles fine in Scrivener Mac, so for now I have to move back to the Mac version to compile my files for publication (both PDF for print with KDP and Ingram and epub for ebook).

Does the new beta improve anything regarding these compiler issues? If they do, or if you’re ready to improve this, I’ll install the beta and report back.