Compiler Hater

I’ve watched the 2 videos on Compiling and read/worked through the Tutorial twice but I still need help with Compiling. (A few more screen shots would be a BIG help, btw.)
I want to compile a novel of 7 parts into separate eBooks (all major versions) and a PDF. I have 7 Folders directly under each other (Part 1, 2, 3 etc.) forming one block in the Binder. Is that the way to go? I also have 7 covers there.

  1. Do I also need to make 7 Front and Back matters, and 7 Title pages? Or do I need to change the FM&BM contents and Titles to suit each Part?
  2. How do I publish each Part/Book separately?
  3. I’ve been testing out different ways and now am thoroughly mixed up. The result is that in the Table of Contents I have Chapter One alongside Chapter 1. How can I start afresh?
  4. Can anyone recommend a more in-depth tutorial and possibly a video to study that would help?
    Thank you for your consideration,
    Compiler Hater

Start by compiling one ebook. Compile can be a complex function, so it’s best to build up from smaller pieces that you understand.

  1. If by “directly under each other” you mean that all seven parts are at the same outline level, then yes, that’s probably what you want. If it were me, I would make seven sets of front and back matter. It’s easier to change which one is included in the Compile output (File -> Compile -> Contents pane) than it is to remember to update a single set seven times.

  2. Compile the part you want to publish first. Then compile the part you want to publish second. Etc. The File -> Compile -> Contents pane defines what is included in each output document. (See Section 24.7 of the manual for more information.)

  3. The File -> Compile -> Formatting pane, which is where you define section headings, can be a complex beast. Section 24.11 of the manual discusses it in detail. Once you’ve got that sorted, the ToC should just fall into line. If it doesn’t, see Chapter 23 of the manual for more information.


Thanks for the reply, Katherine. I’ll check out the manual.
In the meantime:

  1. How do I start afresh? Right now my Formating Section Type Levels have changed (I have Level 1 then a Level 2 folder indented under it and other changes after that. How do I return all this to the original before I started?
  2. To start with one Book, do I activate all chapters in the Book in the binder so that they appear in the Contents? I don’t want to start off on the wrong foot.
  1. The Format As: dropdown menu at the top of the Compile pane probably says “Custom” at this point. To reset to one of Scrivener’s built-in compile presets, just choose it from that menu.

  2. There’s a dropdown menu at the top of the Contents pane. You can use it to list just a single folder, if you like. But just check the “Include” box for whatever files you want to include. Alt-click on that column will check (or uncheck) everything.

I have many hundreds of small files, is there a method to select all/deselect all/invert selection in the Compile window?

jcarman–Try Option and click on a checkbox in a column and they all should change. Click again and they will return to their previous state.


Figured out No. 3 above. I had the Chapter numbers in the text body so OF COURSE they showed up. Duh x X!