Compiler Issues

I have 2 projects. Project 1 compiles with no issues. I can see and select content to include in compiler. Project 2 is loading no content. Setting selections for both projects are the same.

I have multiple folders all with text that are not loading.

If both projects have the Contents pane set up the same (Draft folder selected, I assume?), have you checked to make sure there is anything in the Draft folder? Are the icons you’d expect to see included lined up flush with the draft folder, or indented a bit?

So, I have Chapter 1 folder, and beneath that I have three parts, labeled; scene, journal, and article. They are indented slightly to the right and below the Chapter 1 folder, and so and so forth for several chapters. Same exact format but labeled Chapter 2, scene2, journal2, article2, and so on . In compiler where it says add front matter, i can drop down and SEE all the folders but unable to view all in the contents box to select to compile. .

In the end I just created a new project, retitled the project, moved all the chapter folders over and voila. I can compile. Will probably never know why the other project failed to compile. But I only had 10 chapters and it let me drag and drop and all three parts of each of my chapters moved easily and can be selected in compiler.

All right, good to hear you got it sorted out. It may be you accidentally set the filter options, which is the funnel icon to the right of the main dropdown where you select the master folder to compile from. Filters can remove items from the list based on various criteria.

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