Compiler not finding all texts

I have a manuscript that was imported into Scrivener from Word files and has been edited in Scrivener. When I try to compile to create a draft, I only get the Title Page and Forward (parts that I downloaded from the “Non-Fiction Format” when I created the project). Nothing I change in the extended compiler popup allows me to bring up the other folders and texts in the project.

One possible hint to the nature of the problem is that when I used “Search Results” instead of “Manuscript”, the programme brought up many texts that were in the Trash! I emptied the trash, and then only had the Title page and Forward. I deleted the Forward text to see if it was corrupting the project–now the compiler only produces the Title page.

All the folders and texts have “Include in compile” checked in the Meta-data box, but they don’t actually appear. I’m at my wit’s ends, and feel I’m either missing something obvious, or have a bug in the file. I’ve run compile on the Scrivener Tutorial and on another project, and they work fine, so it is not the Scrivener programme itself that is the problem, but some settings (or gremlins?) in this project, it seems. Any ideas?

Do you have your texts IN the Manuscript folder? Try clicking on the little triangle next to the manuscript (called a “disclosure triangle” because it discloses it’s contents, I guess). If your text files appear and disappear as you keep clicking on it, then they’re in. If clicking on the triangle has no effect, then you need to move your document into that folder.

While it can be renamed (sometimes it’s the Draft folder, sometimes the Script, depending on the original template used), it’s a special folder that is the source from which the compile function creates your final document. Everything outside it is consider support material for your benefit alone.

That was it! Thanks also to Astrid in tech support who also pointed this out. It’s obvious once you know it, but I had not figured it out in several hours of trying. Thanks.