Compiler not finding my documents

I used the duplicate function to create a second draft of my WIP, however now I’m trying to compile the second draft and it will only display text from the first draft for compiling. I have only the files in draft 2 marked to be included in compile. I tried doing CTRL to select them all. Nothing is working. It will only give me the option of compiling my first draft. How do I fix this?

I’ve attached the screenshot of the binder, because it looks like the first draft and second draft have different icons, but I don’t know how to fix that. The contents of each chapter are standard text documents, such as the Epilogue file.compile.GIF

A Scrivener project can only have one Draft folder, and it’s created at the same time as the project. This is the only folder that the Compile function will use.

In your project, that folder is named “Manuscript - Draft 1,” which is indicated by the special icon for that folder.

So, you’ll need to move Draft 2 into that folder. Probably the easiest solution is to create a Draft 1 subfolder, and drag all of the first draft chapters there. Rename the top level Draft folder appropriately. Then drag in the Draft 2 folder in its entirety.