Compiler Problems overwhelming

I wrote a book with about 250 pages with scrivener.
The writing process was amazing. I like this applicateion very much.

I’m using Version
And I don’t dare to update because I read allready desasters after the update and I’m in the very hot phase of publish my work soon. I can’t take any risks and have lot’s of scars from software updates in such situations.

I have several problems in the compiler and the help I found here have not worked in my case.

  1. I can not create multiple settings with different names.
    I like to compile in a DIN A5 book and in a DIN A4 Pdf Format and as an E-Book.
    I have 15 grafics in the book. In DIN A5 I need a other formating.
    I tried to create two text elements in binder for each grafic format and safe the selection, so that in the DIN A4 output I have the A4 formated grafic and in the DIN A5 Output I have the DIN A5 formated grafic. But there is no chance.
    The same with page size settings. If I change them, they are changed in any predefined compile setting I made.

  2. Index and Page numbering
    Yes! I read the topics about it.
    Page numbers in the index are not published in PDF output. Instate the Code for the page number is printed.

  3. I would like to have the chapter name at the top of each page but can’t find any code doing this.
    My book is not a novel instate it is more a manual kind of book. And Chapternames on the page are very important, because the book is a reference book.

  4. In this type of book it is expected in my countr,y that the chapters start allways on a right site of the book.

Right now I have a lot of changes through test readers and must compile it many times. And this results in an unbelievable overkill of work. Index, Chapter starting on right site, page numbers… it mutated into hours each time and increase the potential for mistakes.

I have no problem with the understanding of this compiler and the levels of the structure. I absolutely like this approach.

Is there any chance for me to survive somehow this phase of my project?