Compiler question

How does one change the width of the text in the section edit window in compiler?

The ruler is there but greyed out. Tried several different sections but all to no avail.

The interactive tutorial is beyond my ken, Tried running the instruction through Google but still unable to understand. Not as smart as the ‘Defenders of the L&L Faith’ and just want to make the text narrower so it all appears on the document in the word editor

That is set by the preset, I think.
So if you choose paperback 6x9, you’ll get something a bit narrower than you get in Manuscript (which is 8.5" wide in my copy). I just tried this, compiling to docx for a narrow format, and my result was 4" wide (6" page, 1" margins).

Unfortunately, you cannot redefine paper size outside the presets. For example, a paper size of 8"x10" cannot be found in the list, and I cannot make one. I can adjust margins from letter to make the result almost seem like that size, but it wouldn’t actually be that size; it’d be letter size with large margins.

Does that help?