Compiler refuses to put the Chapter Heading in the document

I have upgraded a project from the older Scrivener for Windows to the new 3.0. When I compile the project, it does not include the Chapter Header (Chapter One, Two, etc.). The resulting document has scene breaks marked, but chapters don’t have the header and they don’t have a page break or blank lines.

This happens no matter what format I use (I’ve tried an upgraded project one, as well as “Manuscript (Times).” I’ve tried modifying the format to no avail.

I don’t think it’s a learning curve problem, since I’m very good with the old version.

I have verified that this only happens with projects I upgraded from the latest 1.x version of Scrivener. It leaves out all Chapter headings. I now have to figure out how to fix this. It happens with every project I had upgraded but works fine with all new projects.

It sounds like a bug.

I figured it out. It says that no layouts have been assigned to any sections. Now I need to use the system for assigning them.

Hello @BradYounie !

Glad you figured it out already. Scrivener 3 has a different compile mechanism and hence it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the new features. The Scrivener Manual also contains a chapter about the new compile mechanism, which is worthwhile to read.

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The built-in interactive tutorial is also a good walk-through.

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We have a v3 migration tutorial, designed specifically for those that are well versed in the previous compile system and are looking for a crash course on getting projects converted over to the new system with minimal effort. It also goes through a few of the larger changes in the software.

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