Compiler - Research and Trash

Scriv 1.8

Is this new? I don’t remember them showing up previously.

ROFL - now it’s not doing it any more, but at least I got the screen shot first.

Anyway, this was a new, never before compiled project, and as you can see, the little compile group drop down is blank and research and Trash are both showing up as options to have compiled.

I did a quick test - compiled to preview and it did indeed compile that “rwar” research document (LOL, that was supposed to read “test” guess my hand wasn’t on the keyboard correctly). But since doing my test compile those options have disappeared again, and the compiler is only displaying Draft folder items.

Ha, that’s a pretty good bug. Did you create the new project from a template? Can you remember anything else that you might have done differently that could explain how it got this way? Well, whatever the case it appears to be very elusive since it went away immediately. Let us know if you find a way to reproduce it.

I haven’t had a chance to try reproducing yet.

At a guess though, here the first thing that comes to my mind:

That project was created by making a copy of an old one, deleting about 98% of the original contents, and then carrying on.

So if Scriv remembers your previous compile group between sessions, but the next time you go into compile none of those contents still exist - perhaps it defaulted back to “everything” rather than just “draft”. :question:

Now that I’ve actually compiled something in it, even though it was just a preview, it won’t do it again. But until I did that, it kept offering me the Research and Trash in the compiler through a few close/reopens of the compile window, and Closing and reopening Scrivener itself.

I’ll try to reproduce hopefully sometime this weekend.

Yep, that’d do it. Thanks! I’ve got this on the bug list.