Compiler stop working totally

The compiler will not work. I click the button it goes through the motions and never gives me a page count like it used to nor is the pdf file created that I am looking for. I need help bad.

I have rebooted the machine, tried other formats nothing is helping.

This is usually caused by a bad image or unexpected control character in the text. The best way to locate the culprit section is to selectively compile chunks of your draft folder until it halts. Once you find a batch of files that halts, you can then further narrow down from there. Approaching things in halves is the most efficient way to do this. Compile half, then the other half, then half the half the didn’t compile, on down until you find the file(s).

If you want to run a quick check to make sure Scrivener itself is functioning fine outside of this one project, you could make a blank project somewhere temporary, type in a few lines and compile to PDF. If it halts there as well, then there is no need to hunt down a culprit file or two, and we do some other checks to see what is failing and how to fix it.