For a long time it was said in Win beta that the compiler is not fully functional. Is this still true?
Today it was the first time since quite a long time that I tried to compile a manuscript, and I ran into some awkward behaviour which I think I didn’t have in Win beta before.
I always do some formatting on my text in binder files, because I like to write in a look which is similar to the finished book. The 2 paragraph formats which I use on that have been the same since my first try on the beta, it is only a font, a font size and the indent of the first line or not.
When compiling my manuscript, I do all the settings in the section layout tab and assign it to the correct structur item.
Today, this didn’t work. Of course I set the checkmark into “override formatting of text and notes”, and it looks fine in the section-layout window, but when compiling, the funniest things happen.
I have some “inserts” in my manuscript that have a different text formatting than the normal text (italic, smaller font), but this does not work when compiling. Sometimes only the first paragraph is compiled correctly, sometimes nothig, sometimes everything is okay, no matter what I chose in the compiler. At last I changed the format within the binder, then it was more or less okay in the compiler, but this seems not to be the right way.
When I tried to compile it into what we call “Normseite” in Germany (fixed font with 60 chars per line and 30 lines per page), it failed completely. I set it to Courier New, 12pt size and 24pt line height in the compiler window, but it changed only the first paragraph of each scene, the rest stayed in Cambria 12pt, what is my font for writing.
At last I changed my paragraph style within the options of the output format (“Style tab”), and this worked fine. But again: I know that with my last manuscript I did it only in the main compiler, and that doesn’t seem to work anymore.

Not working: