Compiles as an Empty File

I’m using Scrivener 3 for Mac. I have two short novels I’m trying to compile. I’ve tried to compile them as mobi files and as Word files, and the same thing is happening to both novels in both formats. I use the Compile command, it brings up the Compile window (with the ebook format highlighted), and I see all the chapters and the front matter checked. But when I hit the Compile button, it compiles as a basically empty file–the ToC shows up and the individual chapters are there, but the chapters are totally empty.
I’ve tried logging out of Scrivener and reopening it, but the problem continues.
Strangely, it let me compile a different piece of writing properly. I can’t see what the difference is. The settings seem identical.

Probably the difference is that you’re using a Section Layout that does not include the item text. See Section 23.3 in the Manual for more information.


Thank you! That got me pointed in the right direction and it is now compiling properly, at least mostly. So now I have a different issue.
When I compile it as a mobi, it generates an automatically ToC. But the ToC is wrong. There are seven chapters plus a postscript. The first chapter is getting labeled “Chapter One” but all the other chapters are labelled “Chapter 2” etc (so numeral rather than word). This doesn’t correspond to anything in how the chapter folders are labelled–they all have numerals.

Chapter 3 is completely omitted as is the Postscript. And each chapter link after Chap 1 is off by 1 (so 'Chapter 2" goes to Chapter 3)

I can’t find anything in the manual about editing the automatic ToC or replacing it with my own ToC (although I do find the instructions for creating my own ToC).

Are you using a Section Layout that assigns chapter numbering? If so, are you using the same one for the first chapter as for the others?

Section 22.2 in the manual discusses ebook TOCs, both your own and the automatically generated one.


As far as I can tell, I am not using a section layout with chapter headings. All the chapter files are numbered sequentially, except the postscript, which is titled, so I can’t see why it would omit chapter3 from the ToC. How can I just get rid of the ToC. I’ve gone through 22.2 and it says nothing about eliminating the ToC.

The ToC is generated by the mobi reader and is not easily removed.

To clarify lunk’s comment, an ebook has two Tables of Contents. One is under your control, and is generated as described in Chapter 22 of the manual. The other is a navigation menu, generated by the ereader software, and is not under Scrivener’s control. Which one is misbehaving?