compiles with brown text; i want black text

I’m having something really weird and extremely frustrating happen with Scrivener and my text color. If I want my compile files (mostly talking about .mobi) are being created with brown text instead of black text. It looks black in edit mode, but it brown when I compile. If I compile using the As Is feature AND go through and highlight all the text, right click and select black as the text color, it will then compile the .mobi file with black text. However, if I close the document and reopen it and do another compile, the text reverts back to brown. So, if I want to make changes or updates, I have to go through all the segments, highlight the text and select black, every time.

Please, please help. This has been very frustrating and time consuming to deal with.

Many thanks!

My offhand guess would be that the source came in from some other program originally, or perhaps even just parts, and some rogue formatting got in that is causing a bit of a pain. Fortunately there might be some tools in the compiler that can ignore such things.

The first is in the “Transformations” options pane. In the “Rich Text Conversions” section, you’ll find an option to remove all text colour. That should work without any further messing about. If you are still running into problems we could try another approach.