Compiling a Contents page

I am new to Scrivener so I have been looking for a simple answer to a question. It is this.

If I compile a book (non fiction in this case), and I want to go to a final document in perhaps word format, I notice that Scrivener formats the texts very well and splits into chapters etc.

Is there a process for putting together a ‘contents page’ automatically? For example the chapter names and page numbers? I was thinking that something would be automatic with that. Its a simple question and perhaps someone has handled this before.

Thanking you for your comments.

Yes, there is a pretty easy way to do what you are looking for. It isn’t fully automatic, but in Word if you put your cursor into a chapter heading and right-click on it, you should see an option in the “Styles” sub-contextual menu to select all similarly styled text. Once you have all of the chapter headings selected, the easiest thing to do is assign a heading style to them that Word is set up to use as a ToC entry, like Heading 1 or 2. A Table of Contents can then be inserted into the appropriate location and it should automatically be populated with all of these entries.

If you would prefer to use the formatting that came out of Scrivener instead of the default stylesheet appearance, that is easy to do. Just leave one heading aside as an example (copying one heading and then pasting after applying the stylesheet is probably easiest), and then put your cursor into this example heading and right-click on the “Heading 1” style to “Update Heading 1 to Match Selection”. You should see all of the titles change their formatting back to the way Scrivener output them without altering the ToC listings. There are other ways of approaching this, but I think that is the easiest.

Thank you so much for the information. Your guidance is greatly appreciated. I will now make those changes a standard process. Thanks again for your help.