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I have a single Scrivener file to contain lots of different aspects to my business. I need to compile and output a presentation which I created as a top level folder. But each time I compile, regardless of this one being selected, it always shows the contents of another folder with no option of changing this. There is a drop down menu but this doesn’t allow me to change the top level folder I want to compile

Is it possible to change this or does Scrivener just have only one top level draft folder?

I’ve attached the top level binder. No matter what I do, it always compiles the “None nonsense intro…” folder. I want the “Streamium” folder to compile. Not sure how to change this, if indeed it’s possible, without dragging Streamium into the green folder.

Thank you

scrivener screen


All files should be “Include in Compile”. If necessary, change it in the Outliner, the Compile Overview or per document in the lower right corner of the Editor.

Make sure your Filter icon is not blue. If it is: Click it and uncheck Apply Filter.


Is the screenshot the very top level of the BInder? That is, have you renamed the Draft folder to the “No-nonsense intro” folder?

If so then yes, you’ll need to drag anything you want to Compile into it. The Compile command only looks at the Draft folder.

And there is an easy way to just compile a particular folder which is within the (blessed) draft folder.

though, speaking for myself, in certain projects which have disparate stuff in them, I often work outside the Draft folder, leaving it empty, and then just drag folders into/out of it for compiling purposes.


It sounds like maybe you’ve renamed the Draft folder (which is fine) and changed the icon (which is also fine), and that has created a retrospectively confusing situation. To see if that might be the problem, use the Navigate ▸ Reveal Draft Folder menu command. If it highlights the “No-nonsense intro…” folder, then you’ll just need to do a little shuffling around to get things working usefully again.

Basically what you’re going to be exporting at some point needs to be in that folder. If you don’t want to forever live with the obligatory indent level added to everything, you can shuffle things in and out of that folder as needed.

Thanks very much for the response.

I worked it out. Under the compile menu, right below the entire folder structure of the current ‘draft’ there’s an option to switch to “currently selected”. If a different draft was selected when you enter compile, choosing this option at this point switches to that other draft.

This is really helpful as I maintain lots of different content, from website content to books in one single scrivener file for my own sanity. Now I know how to manage different outputs, I can keep it this way.

Take care and thanks again

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