Compiling a novel in separate parts

I want to compile a long novel into 7 separate parts with the chapters running contiguously. Part 1 is fine, but when compiling Part 2, the chapter numbers revert to 1,2,3 etc. How can I get the chapters in Parts 2 to 7 to keep their originally numbering? I suppose I could compile the entire novel then delete everything unwanted, but I’m hoping there is a more efficient way to do this.
I’m compiling for docx.
I just noticed the Contents page too has reverted to Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc

Did you name your chapters “Chapter 1” and “Chapter 2” and so-forth? If so, Scrivener doesn’t rename things for you automatically in the binder. Instead, it can add “Chapter X” automatically, in addition to the title in your binder, or you can exclude the binder title and just let it auto-number it for you.

Assuming you have your Front matter all squared away, you could start by choosing “Novel with Parts” as the compile preset of choice. That numbers things the way you want (Part 1, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Part 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4…). However, you’ll have to customize the Formatting pane to un-check the binder “title” for the appropriate row there, or you’ll get “Chapter 1 Chapter ONE” or something similar (on 2 different lines, by default); it’s designed with the assumption that your chapters are titled, so that you get “Chapter One Where It All Started” (on 2 lines), for instance, if the binder title was “Where It All Started”.

If you don’t know anything about customizing your compile setttings, there are a number of introductory youtube videos on the subject, probably a few with “Novel with Parts” as a useful search term. Also, there’s the manual and the Interactive Tutorial, which has a short section on the compile process in it. See the Help menu or the template chooser to create your own tutorial project.