Compiling a Screenplay


I’ve been using Scrivener for about a year and really love it. I have been using it for writing a book, but
recently I started writing a screenplay. I wanted to be able to take one scene of the screenplay and compile it.

  1. File\Compile
  2. Verified that only the scene I wanted was checked
  3. Verify that “Compile for RTF” was selected
  4. Click on “Compile”
  5. It asks the name and destination of file.
  6. Open the compiled file in OpenOffice
  7. ERROR - the entire screenplay has been compiled into this file.

When I do this for my manuscript I get only the chapters I want and nothing else.
I don’t understand why it doesn’t work with the screenplay.
Windows XPSP3.

There shouldn’t be anything different about compiling the script documents to RTF. When you say that only the scene you wanted was checked, is this the “include in compile” checkbox in the Contents pane of compile?

Yes, only one scene is checked “include in compile.” But I still get the entire screenplay.

Ok, in the contents pane of compile, check at the bottom just above the “Compile For” drop-down menu: you should see a “Compile:” menu that lets you select “Included documents”, “Excluded documents” or “All”. It’s probably set to “All”, so just switch it to “Included”. Sorry I completely forgot about that earlier!

Perfect - That was it!

Thanks for helping me solve this!!!