Compiling a single file

Is there a way to compile a single file without moving it to its own folder?


Yes; in the Contents tab of File > Compile, you can select the file from the drop-down menu at the top. It should then be the only item appearing in the contents list below. This works also for compiling sections, e.g. if you have chapters of multiple scenes grouped in folders, you can select a single folder to compile it and its subdocuments.

worked, thanks!

One weirdness is that it does not show the file because the file is not in the ‘draft’ folder, so I had to search for the file to make it show up in the ‘search results’ folder.

Ah, okay, yes. The Draft folder is the special folder meant to contain the text you’ll be compiling, so Compile looks just to that folder when selecting the contents. If you’re trying to compile a text file outside of that, collections (including Search Results) is the way to go. You could save your results as a search collection for reuse later, or make a new standard collection to keep non-Draft text files that you’ll be wanting regularly to compile. (Or you may want to just move them to the Draft, in that case!)