Compiling a single folder as standalone story w title page

Hello Everyone,

First post, relatively new user of Scrivener. I’ve done some searching for an answer to my question and may have found it (called “Short story collection template?”), but thought I’d check first to see if there’s a more recent update/approach.

I am working on a Project which looks to become a set of linked short stories (characters and locations may appear in multiple stories and each story may contribute to an overarching narrative). It is very helpful to keep research material, character notes, notes on places etc. in the one project.

Each of these linked stories is represented as a separate folder in the Binder; I use folders because I’ve also taken to creating sections within each story (some of them are long).

As I go, though, it looks like I may be sharing some of the individual stories on their own, in manuscript form–complete with title page (for the story, taken from the folder name) and my name address phone etc on that title page. Total pages for the particular story to appear on the title page, etc.

I think I’ve figured out how to compile a single folder (story) at a time, and have the subsection titles appear. Page numbering works, too. But:
I am hard-coding the name of the story in the header, and I don’t have a title page set up to appear with the information for just the story in question.

Make sense? Any guidance, pointers to answers already provided?

Many thanks in advance.

Well, think I may have solved this for myself:

Install and customize a Title Page for each “compile group”/folder that could appear as a stand-alone story.

Replace <$PROJECTTITLE> with <$COMPILEGROUP>, which will assign the Folder Name as the story title.

Use the Formatting Options in the Compile dialog to determine whether the titles of sub-folders or text documents appear in printed output (checking/unchecking the Title box in the appropriate Section Type.