Compiling a synopsis


I’ve typed up my synopsis cards - no problem there. But, can I compile them into a ‘real’ synopsis?
I imagine such a synopsis would be pretty rough. But it would be there, which makes up for it.
Does this facility already exist (and I just haven’t figured it out?) If not, will it? Could it?

Thanks, Rob

Check out the Elements pane in compile, you should find options for including a variety of meta-data and supporting material, including synopsis. For complete export, you’ll want to check off all three columns for the synopsis row.

Thanks. That worked very well.

I am also trying to figure out how to compile a synopsis from the notes made in each notecard’s synopsis. I couldn’t find “elements” under compile.

I just noticed that this post is under Scrivener for Windows. I have the most recent version of Scrivener for the Mac.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Abby,

You can start a new topic in the Mac tech forum next time. :wink:

Make sure you’ve hit the “…” button in the compile pane to get all the expanded options. You should then see a list on the left of the pane with “Formatting” as second from the top. Select that, and you should see the columns and checkboxes for selecting which elements of the documents to compile–sounds like you just want “title” (to provide context) and “synopsis”. If you hold the option key while clicking on a checkbox you can select/deselect all boxes in the column.

Or the down-arrow button to the right of the upper drop-down menu choice, in this case, since Abby is on a Mac. :slight_smile:

All this rebooting!

Augh, right! I didn’t even go look. Grrrrr on me. Triangles! Ellipses! ::throws up arms::