Compiling adds heading formatting to unstyled text, confuses MS Word's TOC

Im really enjoying the Layouts and Compile features of Scrivener 3. I’d never got into this with earlier versions, and I’m finding it all (well, nearly all) logical and powerful.

The problem I’m having is on Compile to a Ms Word document. The Word document itself looks exactly how I want, but its Navigation View and TOC dont. The paragraphs are picking up heading formatting from whatever section title sits directly above it. This causes Ms Word to decide that each paragraph is really a heading, and adds that text to the outline in the Navigation View, and into the Table of Contents as well.

To elaborate a little, my section titles, and paragraph styles, depend upon:

1. Project Settings: I use Default Types by Structure. The titles are therefore picked up from the titles of Binder sections.

2. Some custom Heading styles created under the main menu Styles options, and then brought into my custom Format via the Styles option in Section Layouts editing area.

3. Section Layout editing area: Using the Formatting options, I apply styles from step 2 to the Titles. e.g. the Title of a Level Two Folder type of section might have a Heading 3 style, and a Text Group type of section might have a Heading 4 style. The text always (apparently) has no style. The checkbox for Override Text and Notes formatting is ticked.

4, In the Section Layouts area (the one that comes up immediately upon choosing Compile… I choose Font determined by Section Layout

In the MS Word document, when I click on the body text underneath a title of style of Heading 3: it will have formatting something like:
Heading 3 + Not Bold, Not Italic.

and underneath a title of Heading 4,
Heading 4 + Not Bold, Not Italic.

So the body text is picking up the heading bit of information, then reversing most of it via Not this, Not that. But the heading tag remains as the operative problem.

I’ve tried lots of ways to avoid that Heading formatting bleeding across from the title to the body text in the Word doc. The only thing that works (a very ugly workaround) is to insert (within Scrivener) a (styled) inline annotation at the top of each text section (as it appears in the editing window). The annotations are not transferred to the Ms Word document, but their styling is somehow enough to prevent the transfer of title style to body text.

Ive attached a folder with a project that shows these problems. The folder also has the associated Format, and Project Section Types, files.

Thanks for any clues!

Styling (103 KB)


This is a bug. There is currently a limitation whereby the style won’t change in the exported .docx file if the paragraph formatting is the same for two adjacent styles. I have fixed this for the next update, so you can just leave things as they are and things should work as expected when 3.0.1 is released. If you need to get this working as soon as possible, then just tweak the paragraph styles of your heading styles. For instance, give them slightly different maximum line heights or something like that - something that isn’t obvious visually but will cause them to be different from the text paragraph formatting.

Thanks and all the best,

Thanks Keith!

Amazing to know you are on top of stuff like this already. The more I play with v3, the more gobsmacked am I. And you somehow find time to answer our questions too. Max awe.