compiling and customized chapter titles

just to see what would happen and how well it would work, earlier I did something I had not done before and created a sample scriv. file and compiled it in novel format. I found automatic headings, i.e. “Chapter One” (or “Chapter 1” – I forget).

well, I don’t want this. I imagine that other writers would also like customize chapter titles in this way. say “2” or “Chapter II” or “Chapter Two: Fox in the Henhouse” or whatever. for that matter, it leaves out writers who like to subdivide their novels into Books (i.e. Book 1, etc.) I couldn’t find anything in the Scrivener Manual about this. can anyone example?

This is covered in Chapter 24 (24.5) of the manual. If you look in the “Formatting” pane of Compile, you will see a “Title Settings…” button - that allows you to add prefixes and suffixes to document titles. In the novel template, “Chapter <$t>” is added as a prefix.

helpful as always!

I opened the preference pane and saw that you meant. I may have other questions later (and KB, please note that I mean questions for the messageboard collectively, not for you specifically as I know you other things to do) I will ask, after I have experimented and fooled around with the settings.