Compiling and "Document Notes"

If this has been addressed elsewhere I apologize, I have spent the past few hours digging and unfortunately have found nothing on this topic… I have taken quite a few pages of notes that I have entered into the “Document Notes” section, but when I “compile” those notes are left out… Can anyone tell me if there is a way to include the text in this section?

Thanks in advance!


Just tick the “Notes” checkbox in the “Formatting” pane of Compile:

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Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, it didn’t work…I get a warning message saying “There is nothing to compile. Please check the “Contents” tab and choose something to compile, or ensure that you have documents available for compilation in the Draft folder.” I am in the research binder and have attached the original pdf into the notecard…

I could just copy and past the text in the “document notes” section somewhere else, but would prefer to not have to go through that every time…

Thanks again!

If I knew how to insert a screenshot, I would show you what I am talking about…