Compiling As-Is with Page Breaks for CreateSpace

Hi there,

I like the direction you’re all going with the new update for Scrivener but I must say that like some others, I was not expecting such a learning curve and it has delayed my publication date more than I’d like to admit at this point…

I’ve scoured around various tutorials and help files and manuals trying to figure out something that, at least to me, feels like it should be fairly straightforward…and that is this:

How do I compile/export “as-is” with page breaks for a 6x9 CreateSpace paperback? Does anyone have a template or something?

I have formatted the text in some specific ways - chapter headings, sections that I want to stand out more, etc…and the more I do this the more I feel like I probably should have just been laying this out in InDesign - but I really, really, really like Scrivener and want to make this work.

I’m just much more of a visual editor/writer and some of the overly technical aspects of laying this all out instead of just being able to type it how I want it and export, save, publish has been quite frustrating.

I have been using Scrivener since version 1 and love to recommend the software but I’ve got to get a handle on some of these things before I can keep doing so because I know way too many people who would just get frustrated with the steep learning curve.

The upgrade guide gives a detailed explanation about compiling as-is sections with page breaks:

Hope it is useful.