Compiling at a snail's pace followed by crash

I just sent in two crash logs, but here’s a few more details.

Was trying to compile a document - it’s around 23K words, made up of 656 subdocuments in 33 folders. No images or anything, just text.

Compile took forever - I think around 20 minutes on the first attempt, and then 10 on the second. Both times Scriv crashed when the progress bar reached the end.

I had used the same compile settings earlier in the week with no issues on a different project. The main difference between the projects that I can see is that this one was a lot larger, and it had started life in WinScriv. (Oh, I’m also using a lot of non-breaking spaces and hyphens now, whereas before those were just regular spaces and hyphens.)

After the crashes in MacScriv I tried to open it in WinScriv (under Parallels) but that went not responding until my patience wore out (maybe 5 minutes), never did open.

So I duplicated the project, opened the new one (had to delete a user.lock file first). Deleted everything in there that had come in from Windows Scrivener, which brought the size down from >15mb to around 3. And then it compiled fine in less than a minute.

Oh, this time around I also accepted the default filename rather than changing it, but I wouldn’t think that would be an issue - the name I was trying to use was just “Interview 06.rtf”

I’ll report back if I have any more issues.

So I just encountered this again - both when compiling the document and when trying to view the project statistics. 10+ minute compile times, and it crashed on 2 out of 3 attempts (crash logs sent).

I’ve noticed for a while that as the project grows that compiling is becoming slower and slower.

So I played around a little bit.

My binder is divided into 4 main sections - I was trying to compile section 4. So I copied Section 4 to a brand new project. Compiled in less than a minute. Copied in sections 1, 2, and 3 - and again it’s back to a snail’s pace.

Looked around a bit more, and discovered that I didn’t have “treat compile group as entire draft” turned on - that option seems to make all the difference. Compiled in less than a minute again.

Project statistics is still having issues, but I don’t use that very often so I can live with it.

That would make sense, because when that option is off, the entire Draft must be compiled in the background no matter what, in order to pre-calculate where the numbering tokens should start. When the option is enabled, it doesn’t need to figure any of that out, all counters can start at “1” because the current compile group is meant to be the whole work. All it needs to compile at that point is the material you’ve selected.

As for statistics, make sure the Count current compile group only is checked off in the Options tab.

Ah, okay. Yeah, there would be a lot to number.

Amazing how much sense it all makes once you learn what’s going on. :laughing: