Compiling Bibliography weirdness? (kinda urgent)

I’m just finishing editing my thesis (due on Monday), but when I compile the whole thing, my bibliography is only partially included; it seems to only include the first few pages and then stops. To make things weirder, when I compile the bibliography on its own, it compiles it completely, but after 5 pages or so it starts formatting it into a really narrow column, so each reference is about four lines long but only an inch or so wide on the page. Any advice? I have no idea what’s causing any of this!

If it’s that urgent, export to docx and fix the final layout in Word. That’s most likely a much faster solition.

I’ve tried compiling the whole thesis to Word but it produces all kinds of formatting problems in the main body of my thesis that I don’t have time to fix manually. Also, when I’ve compiled the bibliography to Word (where it works fine) and then re-imported it into the Scrivener project, it behaves the same way when compiled.

You are compiling to pdf? Why not compile everything but the bibliography to a pdf using Scrivener, and compiling the bibliography to .docx and let Word export kt to pdf and then simply put them together afterwards, using any pdf editor?