compiling custom metadata

hello! i’ve got a bunch of material in custom metadata fields in my scrivener project. i’d really like to see all of the material in these custom metadata fields in one text file. is there a way to search/export/compile this material? thanks!


Hi Sonia,

Yes, there are a couple of ways. The first is that you can just tick “Meta-Data” to be included in the Formatting pane of Compile. This will include all your custom fields and the regular fields. There’s not much control over the way that looks, though, so if you want more control you can use the tag:


Where “fieldname” is the name of the field you added. If you insert this into a document, during Compile it will be replaced with the value of that field for the current document.

Search will look in custom-meta data by default, although you’ll have to look at the contents in the inspector for the documents in the search results.

Hope that helps.

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Hrm… I cannot get this to work. If I click the “Meta-Data” checkboxes I get all the metadata, but if I paste <custom:Call Number> (“Call Number” is the name of the custom field that I want to export), when I click compile that field just prints as is, it is not replaced by its value. Do I need to do something so Scrivener knows it is a field, or do I need to compile in a particular way? Please, help. Thanks!

Oh, also, what is the format for non-custom fields. Lets say I want to title of the doc, or its label to be in the text of the doc and dynamically updated, do I just type “” ? Right now none of these fields are updated with their values on compile.


You are missing the “$”:

<$title> not

<$custom:…> not custom:...

A full list of tags is available from Help > Placeholder Tags List…

Hope that helps.

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Thanks. I just figured that out. In your reply to the OP you are missing the $, thanks for the clarification.

D’oh, so I was. Sorry about that. I’ve edited the post to fix that.