Compiling cuts off text

When compiling my draft as a paperback, the resulting pdf doesn’t pull in all the text, stopping before the end of the document. I tried splitting the draft into separate docs in case it was too long, but it doesn’t make any difference. The whole project is just over 11,000 words so not an epic yet!

Also, the last line of text on some (not all) pages is cut between two lines - the last line of one page and the first line of the next.

Any advice for a keen beginner please?
thanks in advance!

I think you may have encountered a known bug. Do you see the same issue if you Compile to another format, such as RTF or Word?

Hoorah! that’s it and immediately my manuscript goes from 24 to 52 pages which is doubly gratifying! thank you so much :grin:

Yeah, I have that problem. I solve it by printing to PDF. It’s annoying, and when I complete my novel and want to print it up, I’ll probably have to compile it to PDF or Word. Haven’t attempted to compile to EPUB yet. Any idea when they’ll fix the bug?