Compiling Doc and Page Breaks

I am creating a custom format for my novel that has 100 chapters.

Do I need to insert a page break at the end of each chapter to make sure my Chapter Number and Title appear at the top of each new chapter?

Right now after I compile, Scrivener is dropping in the next chapter Number and Title within the current chapter.

The compiler can be used to create section / page breaks.

And you just need to select or design a section layout that has the chapter number and title as you want.

See “23.3 Section Layouts” in the manual.

These videos might also help: … ategory=43

Slàinte mhòr.

If you are modifying one of the provided compile formats there probably already is a chapter-head section layout with a format akin to what you are looking for. (it is the chap head that would institute the page break.)