Compiling - document title in Header

Working on my first compile in MacScriv, trying to recreate the settings I was using in WinScriv.

The binder is just:

Document A
Document B

I’m using the compiler to output Document B and change the formatting slightly.

I’m compiling to RTF. And I’m trying to get the header to read:
Project title | Document Title | Page Number.

In windows that was:
<$projecttitle> | <$compilegroup> | <$p>

But <$compilegroup> (or rather the compile group dropdown menu) apparently works differently on the Mac because it is literally outputting “Draft” rather than the name of the document, and I can’t seem to find a way to select only Document B via the compile group menu (the only options are Draft, Current Selection, or Search Results).

I tried <$title> but of course that doesn’t work in headers.

<$sectiontitle> seems to get me what I want (at least in this case). But Is that the best one to use, or is there a better placeholder for this that I’m missing?

Yes, <$sectiontitle> is what you want. That is filled in with the name of the first document that came after the last page break. <$compilegroup> fills in the name of the Compile group selected in the “Contents” pane of Compile - the “Draft” folder in your case. It sounds like a bug in Windows if <$compilegroup> is working as <$sectiontitle> should. (A full list of tags can be found in Help > Placeholder Tags List…)

Thanks Keith.

Yeah, I was getting towards the end of a long and frustrating day there, and the description of <$sectiontitle> just wasn’t clicking.

That might be a description fail on my part. What I meant was the Windows version will allow you to limit your compile group to a single subdocument.

So that’s what I was used to doing.

But the Mac version doesn’t seem to allow that.
Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 10.01.10 AM.png

Interesting! No, that pop-up is intended to allow you pick a group for compilation, not individual documents. I might allow that in the future, though…