Compiling doesn't work for .docx

This is a new issue: I’ve been working on the same project for the past couple of years, and haven’t made any changes to the settings. I did upgrade to Windows 10 late last year, but everything has been fine–until last night. I tried compiling the document, the process happens too quickly, and what I get is a 0KB file. If I save it as a Word 2003, it seems to be okay, but I’m not sure what happened to make the newer version of Word not work. I was wondering if there is a certain file size where it suddenly becomes too unwieldy for it to handle? The book is 111,000 words and has about a dozen research files (PDFs and Word docs) imported–would this have anything to do with it?

A possibility… Check in Tools > Options > Import/Export > Export Converters… and see what the setting (and alternatives) is for DOCX. I believe this affects what is used during compile for .docx. The choices offered will vary, depending on whether you have Microsoft Office installed.

I have a similar problem. Three days ago I compiled and exported to .docx just fine, comments and all. It worked for both me and my client.

Today, when I export or compile to .docx, the file appears to become corrupted. I can open it, but a majority of the comments are missing, and my client can’t open it at all.