Compiling...drama, nightmare

OK, I have spent the entire day figuring out how to use the new compile, to no avail. I am not exaggerating, it has been nearly 10 hours, and I still do not know how I am supposed to get my work out of scrivener. There is always something missing, things I did not expect…missing titles, auto-numbering issues…etc

I have used scrivener for three years now. I knew the last version compile inside out, but that does not seem to help me with this new version.

I feel frustrated, angry, and sad. I have been resisting crying for the last 6 hours.

Please, if you guys could provide more lucid instructions, that will be great. I watched all the videos on YouTube, and I also read the manual, and I still cannot seem to figure out the new hell of terms, section, heading, etc…blablala.

YouTube videos seems to have been done in a hurry…please, please

Tried this? … date-guide

Slàinte mhòr.