Compiling End Notes and Trailing Phrases

I’m writing a nonfiction book with “trailing phrase” end notes. I’ve been inserting them as footnotes and compiling as end notes, but my goal is to end up with a Word manuscript in which there are no visible numbered footnote tags in the text, and the end notes appear at the end of the chapter (or at the end of the manuscript, separated by chapter). How does one accomplish the hiding of the tags within the text?

Thank you!

There’s no way I can think of to compile footnotes from Scrivener without numbers or markers of some kind. You might be able to do something in Word.

An alternative approach in Scrivener might be to have each of the trailing phrases or endnotes as separate files in the Binder, at the end of for manuscript or wherever you want them. Then use the Document Link function to create a hyper-link from the text to the ‘endnote’. See section 10.1 of the manual, from page 206, for more info on using links.