Compiling Error

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When I compile my novel around 4 pages of paragraphs are inserted at the start of a chapter. The font, size and format is completely different.
When I look in my binder, that text is definitely not there. I also checked by clicking on manuscript and scrolling down through the whole 84k document and the text isn’t there. Only when I compile.

Nothing in my trash is selected to compile.

I’m very confused.

Sounds to me like there’s text on/in the chapter folder itself, Click on the folder for the chapter where this phantom text is coming from. Then click once or twice on the “scrivenings” mode button, so that you see just the text area for the folder, and not the text of the files indented under that folder. Do you see that text now?

Another way to find that text is to do a quick search (click into the search field in the center of the toolbar) and copy a unique-looking snippet from your output document into that search field. It should come up with whatever folder or document contains that text in the results.

I just tried compiling the chapter and the single scene.

It comes up when I compile the scene but not the chapter. In scrivenings mode I can’t see the text that compiles. And when I search for a name that is only in that bit of writing, it shows the scene but doesn’t highlight the words because they aren’t on the screen. They only come up after compile

Might be worth checking this setting…

Thank you very much for that.

I’ve checked and the box is definitely ticked so I don’t think it’s that

Maybe your compile settings are including text from a “metadata” field, such as the synopsis, document notes, custom meta-data field, or even maybe from a snapshot?

One troubleshooting method that would be helpful for sending to the support email, but which may reveal the issue to you as you work on it, is to use “File->Save As” and save a new copy of your project to a name that’s obviously not your original. Then start moving documents and folders out of your draft folder, until the errant text goes away when you compile. You could probably start by moving everything but the chapter and its sub-documents out of the draft folder. If that exhibits the problem then trash everything (and empty the trash after) to be sure it’s not some weird bug that’s grabbing data from other documents/folders.

If you can’t figure the problem out yourself that way, then definitely contact support and mail a zip-compressed copy of your pared-down project (file->back up->back up to… with ZIP checkbox selected), with instructions on how to reproduce your issue.

If you have identified the troublesome scene (presumably a single file), can you use a new file to replace the scene, copy and paste the text from the original version, then move the original to the trash (but keep it there as a backup).

If the new file is clean (no additional metadata, snapshots, etc), does the compile work?

Hi Bridey,

Thank you for your reply.

Yes - that’s brilliant. Not sure what was going on with the original

Good news.

Is there any easy way of checking this kind of error doesn’t happen when you compile?

I’m afraid I would miss it if I compiled and sent the MS off without checking page by page.

I’m sorry about the dumb questions.